Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Affinity Partnerships

We often think of loyalty and affinity just in relation to our customers and potential customers. We don’t think to consider these principles when we think of our partners. But aren’t partnerships just as important as your customers to grow your business? Partnerships can be service oriented, value propositions, extension of product lines, any number of different ways that companies come together for the benefit of one another.

So, how do we keep partners happy other than the usual dinner, ball game, party, swag? How about creating programs that drive partnership loyalty by coming up with creative ways to market your partner’s products for their benefit? You as a company get the benefit of driving brand recognition and promotions to your customers and potential customers, but you also offer a marketing vehicle for your partners to promote their products. By helping your partner grow their business, you convey a great loyalty in the relationship. Your rewards as a company are greater revenues, costs reductions, longer contracts, and a mutual beneficial strategy for success.

There are a number of ways for companies to create marketing vehicles for their partners. It is just getting into the mindset that loyalty and affinity programs should not only extend to my customers, but also to my partners. By showing you treasure and appreciate their partnership, the more successful you and your partner will be!

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